About Reiki

A Reiki session lasts about an hour and a half. The energy is often experienced as warmth or tingling. Reiki sessions are very restful, meditative, and restorative—a wonderful way to care for yourself, soothe tension or emotional distress, and create deeper self-awareness and a higher level of vitality. Individual Reiki sessions can be given in person or over distance at a mutually agreeable time. A long-distance session is followed by a telephone or e-mail conversation about the experience of the session and its effects.

Reiki fosters physical well-being, a positive mental outlook, greater calmness and balance, and accelerated spiritual awareness and growth. Reiki always works in harmony with the inner wisdom of the recipient, opening the mind and spirit to the cause of the dis-ease and targeting the source of the problem with laser-like power and accuracy. Reiki always works only in the best interest of the individuals involved.

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner

As a practitioner of Reiki, you will find that both Reiki I and Reiki II transform your life and the lives of those who receive your treatments. Here are some of the ways Reiki will enhance your life:

• The body’s natural healing processes are strengthened and work faster.
• Recovery from mental and emotional stress is easier and quicker.
• Intuition and insight become markedly clearer and stronger. You feel strongly guided when giving a Reiki treatment, and this guidance extends into all areas of your life.
• Your awareness of the Reiki principles of non-judgment and unconditional love, empowerment, intuition, acceptance, and forgiveness grows markedly. Hence you become better able to let go of the past, stay focused in the present, and claim power and responsibility for your life.

The energy of unconditional love is the primal creative energy in the universe. It is the source from which all other energy forms emerge. It is everywhere and in infinite supply. Reiki, meaning Universal Life Energy, attunes you more deeply to the Unconditional Love vibration, so that you become a stronger channel within yourself and as you extend your energy out to others.

Reiki affects the underlying energy of all living organisms and substances. Use it for plants, forests, food, pets, wildlife, the environment, personal or societal situations, and physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing for yourself or others. Reiki is unlimited, so the possibilities are endless.

Reiki is the freedom of taking charge of one’s life in ways that create joy, wellness, and inner peace.

Becoming a Reiki Master

As practitioners progress in living in the Reiki energy, some are guided to become teachers of Reiki. Reiki Master classes are one-on-one and involve a deeper understanding of and commitment to the Reiki principles and the use of the symbols. In addition, Reiki Master classes provide training in how to teach Reiki I and II and the Reiki Master level. One new symbol, known as the master symbol, is taught. Cost of Reiki-Master training is individually determined based on the amount of time required.

Marybeth has been practicing Reiki since 1987 and has been a Reiki Master since 1993.

Reiki Classes

First-Degree Reiki, Usui Method of Natural Healing (Reiki I)

In the first-degree class, you will learn about the ancient origin, rediscovery, and transmission of Reiki as well as the spiritual philosophy that underlies it. You will be taught the hand positions for channeling Reiki into the body and spend time practicing with a partner.

You will receive four attunements, usually over the course of two days. The attunements open your energy channels for stronger flow of the healing energy and connect you more deeply to the Reiki vibration. You will also learn to open more receptively to the flow of creative healing energy and to direct it to yourself and others whenever you are inspired to do so.

Second-Degree Reiki, Usui Method of Natural Healing (Reiki II)

The second level of Reiki training deepens your attunement to the Reiki energy, magnifies the healing power channeled through you, and provides you with three sacred symbols that you will use like keys to increase the depth and power of your healings, to direct laser-like focus to mental and emotional issues, and to send powerful distance healing.

Since Reiki is the union of the body’s life energy with the divine energy of Universal Consciousness, second-degree Reiki helps you experience deeper levels of love, joy, self-acceptance, and forgiveness within your own life.

Reiki Master Training (Reiki III)

Reiki III (Reiki Master) Training is offered only as a one-on-one training.  Each class is custom-designed to the needs of the student.  I will first meet with you to get acquainted and take a look at any Reiki I and Reiki II materials you have received.  This first meeting is free of charge.  In addition to the Reiki Master certificate for Reiki teachers, I offer  a Reiki III Practitioner certificate for those who desire the Reiki III level but who do not plan to teach.  Usually we meet in increments of two or three hours at a time, but longer sessions are also possible.  It usually takes 8-10 total hours of instruction for a Practitioner certificate or 10-15 hours for a Teacher certificate.

Advanced Reiki Seminars (Prerequisite is Second-Degree Reiki)

Enhancing Your Protection

If you purposely or inadvertently connect psychically with your client during the session, you can experience feeling fatigue, “overwhelm,” headache, stomachache, or other discomfort during and after the session. This seminar provides breathing techniques, visualizations, and skills in using the symbols to strengthen your aura’s protective capacity during healing sessions.

In-depth Experience of the Reiki Symbols

Techniques to assist you in better understanding, “fathoming,” and using the spiritual power opened up by the symbols. Because this class expands and deepens your own consciousness and your awareness of your oneness with spirit, it greatly strengthens and enhances your use of Reiki as a self-healing tool and a vehicle for facilitating healing in others.

“Love is the only energy that can make things one without destroying them.“ – Teilhard de Chardin